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«I had to limit reason in order to make room for faith».

/Immanuel Kant/



Coming soon

12 Steps to Life

12 Steps to Life

Helge Zeekamp

Format 140x200mm,
448 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-040-7

Let us finally begin to really LIVE!
In this passionate desire we see a familiar hope. More and more people realize that they are no longer able to withstand the growing pressure and demands of everyday life. People get entangled and lost in their own hang-ups and unhealthy behavior patterns which have long grown disgusting and exhausting for them. Then one day they decide that things simply cannot go on like this forever. This book is meant to give such people a new hope and to show them a very real and practical way to get rid of harmful habits and crippling behavior patterns.


Natural Church Development
Natural Church Development

Natural Church Development

Christian Ŕ. Schwarz

Format 170x240,
128 pages,
80 color illustr.
ISBN 5-88930-006-7

The author of the book, Christian Schwarz, describes practical factors promoting church growth and development which were discovered as the result of an international research held in the end of the 20th century. Over 1000 churches from 32 countries on all the five continents took part in the research project. The research results bring us to an important conclusion: churches develop and grow not in accordance with the most widely spread teachings on church growth, but quite contrary to them.


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