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«True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us».




Spiritual Growth

The Unlocking
Adrian Plass,
The Unlocking

Format 130x200,
160 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-018-0

«Needless to say it's pithy, extremely amusing... and delightfully honest. The subtitle of the book is «God's Escape Plan for Frightened People» — enough to attract the attention of those of us who recognize that fears and anxieties often block our spiritual growth... In his comments, verses and prayers Adrian Plass dismantles our carefully constructed edifices of pretence and face-saving and shows us our trues selves. But he never makes us feel small or devalued. He always works from his own experience outward and saves the ridicule for his own misconceptions and mistakes. He constantly reminds us, too, of the love and power of God who can unlock our frightened selves and lead us into truth and freedom». (Mary Batchelor)


Defeating Dark Angels
Charles G. Craft,
Defeating Dark Angels

Format 140205,
280 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-017-2

This book covers the basics of deliverance ministry in the church. «I cannot say that I understand everything that happened to me, but in the last three months my life, my behavior and my inner condition have changed greatly. My heart has found peace». A girl by the name of Karen wrote this when Jesus Christ set her free from the demonic influence. After reading this book you will see that casting out evil spirits is not the lot of mystics or specially anointed professionals. According to Lk. 9:1, you also have the power given to you by Jesus Christ Himself.


Everything Begins with a Woman

Everything Begins with a Woman

B. Jacobs

Format 5,
64 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-005-9


This book is one of the few manuals designed to help start and lead a small group for women in the church. If you are one of those women who have very little confidence in themselves, the author of this book, Barbara Jacobs, has something to say to you! This book will help you take a closer look at yourself — and be encouraged. It is also an excellent practical guide for home-group leaders because it contains answers to many everyday questions and concerns of a church home-group leader.


Our Power in Christ

Our Power in Christ

W. Lerrick

Format A4,
47 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-003-2


This book is a simple and accessible practical course on spiritual care and discipleship. So many Christians appear to lead such helpless lives! Where did the saving power of Christ's resurrection go? It is still there for us and just as powerful as ever, except many of us have forgotten the wonderfully unique position that every believer has before God. In this manual you will find detailed recommendations on how to lead conversations with the purpose of pastoral care and discipleship.



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