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«To be satisfied with a little, is the greatest wisdom; and he that increaseth his riches, increaseth his cares; but a contented mind is a hidden treasure, and trouble findeth it not».



«The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function».

/F. Scott Fitzgerald/


«It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards».

/Lewis Carroll/


«A library implies an act of faith»

/Victor Hugo/


«All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man ».

/Henry David Thoreau/


«Forgiveness is the final form of love».

/Reinhold Niebuhr/



Popular Theology

Universe Lost
Stuart Cook,
Universe Lost

Format 130x200,
224 page,
ISBN 5-88930-022-9

In our time of scientific and technological advances life is daily becoming increasingly alarming and unsettled. People's physical existence has become quite comfortable, but their inner spiritual being is suffering more and more while men and women look for help in the deceitful mystical world and illusory surrogates of the supernatural. But even most sincere errors may prove highly dangerous. People are looking for the supernatural in all the wrong places. What could Christians do about it?




Amy Carmichael

Format 107x167,
96 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-021-0
Gift book

Amy Carmichael was born in 1867, in Ireland, and died in 1951, in India, where she first came in 1895 as a missionary. In 1901 she founded the Dohnavur Fellowship, where hundreds of helpless girls and boys found their home and came to know and love the Lord Christ. Even now, more than 100 years since its foundation, the Dohnavur Fellowship remains vibrantly alive and very active in its life and service, which is not suprising, since from the very start Amy Carmichael and her co-workers sought to build their ministry only on the foundation of Calvary love.


The Strength of God's Hand
Jens Kaldevai,
The Strength of God's Hand

Format 130x200,
128 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-024-5

A traditional church fellowship is usually built around the personality of its pastor and the main emphasis remains on his ministry. His gifts enrich the church but his limitations severely restrict its development and become a burden to himself. The Five-Faceted ministry, described in this book, is not a patented panacea, guaranteed to solve this problem or satisfy the commonly felt need of Christian churches. Rather it is a realistic suggestion of how to encourage team work, taking into consideration the specific calling of each leader.


The Coming Revival

B. Bright

Format 5,
95 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-011-3


Bill Bright, the leader of the international Christian organization «Campus Crusade for Christ», looks at the position of Christians in society and the condition of the Church in the recent years. He challenges Christian believers to take the spiritual responsibility for our society. The author contemplates the price we will need to pay in order for the Christian faith and Christian presence again to become relevant and visible for those around us. He talks at some length about fasting and prayer as a means towards this goal. This book is a spark of a fiery revival which needs to be kindled in the heard of every believer!


Where Are You, God?
Where Are You, God?

Where Are You, God?

Format 120x120
32 pages

This evangelistic booklet is a colorful edition with the original, contemporary design. The brochure gives the answer to the question of a modern man: "Where are You, God?" This unusual and interesting-looking guide through the Bible will help you start a conversation with those around you - a conversation about God, life and its problems. Here you will find new ideas for evangelism. However we must warn you: true evangelism needs to start in your heart. The heart of an evangelist needs to be aflame with the love of God.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
H. Newesh,
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Format A5,
32 pages,

This booklet is an indispensable aid for evangelism. It would be helpful for believers' own growth as well as for using it in ministry. Maybe this little booklet will finally give you full answers to the questions often asked by those you talk to. In his book the author discusses, for example, the following issues:
- How can there be a God of Love?
- Do all religions lead to God?
- Does faith contradict scientific discoveries?




R. Wehrer

Format 148x210,
99 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-007-5


The author of the book makes an attempt to draw the attention of Christian believers to the significance of Israel as a «global problem» or the challenge to the whole world. He is convinced that we will remain Christians only if we learn to truly understand the Gospel and take deep spiritual roots in God's Good News. This book will encourage you to seek new discoveries and deeper knowledge on the following issues: «The mystery of Israel's historical way», «Israel's God-appointed mission», «God-appointed mission of Jesus, the chosen of Israel».



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