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«To be satisfied with a little, is the greatest wisdom; and he that increaseth his riches, increaseth his cares; but a contented mind is a hidden treasure, and trouble findeth it not».



«The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function».

/F. Scott Fitzgerald/


«It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards».

/Lewis Carroll/


«A library implies an act of faith»

/Victor Hugo/


«All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man ».

/Henry David Thoreau/


«Forgiveness is the final form of love».

/Reinhold Niebuhr/




The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37 3/4

«The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37 3/4»

Adrian Plass

Format 120x165,
224 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-029-6

«My most successful book, „The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass“, came out of immense pain from the church; and humor was a way to deal with it. I'll never be as unhappy enough to write such a funny book  —  I received letters from lots of people saying how it freed to them to be themselves with God. Humor is always benvolently subversive  —  it leaves us leaning back in our chair, laughing, and realizing how silly we are, and God laughs with us. We take ourselves too seriously». (Adrian Plass)




George McDonald

Size: 130x200mm,
240 pages.,
ISBN 5-88930-035-0

Throughout his adult life, CS Lewis repeatedly asserted that George MacDonald was his `master,' his mentor. Without MacDonald's works (and this one in particular), there may never have been a Lewis as we know him. Besides that, MacDonald has heavily influenced such other creators of fantasy as JRR Tolkien, Charles Williams, and GK Chesterton. Madeleine L'Engle calls MacDonald the `Grandfather' of all who attempt to understand life through fantasy. Indeed, he is a grandfather of modern fantasy of sorts.

This particular novel had a profound impact on CS Lewis's conversion to Christianity. He claims that it `baptized' his mind, and that it was this book which really got the ball rolling for Lewis's path back to his faith. Phantastes is about a young man named Anodos who finds himself in another world (called Fairy-land) one morning. As he wanders around Fairy-Land, he has a series of adventures and learns many valuable lessons. Along the way he meets many strange creatures, some terrifying and some beautiful.




George MacDonald,

Format 130x200,
320 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-030-X

It would probably be easiest to call «Lilith» by George MacDonald an allegorical fantasy, fascinating even for those people who don't normally look for deeper spiritual meaning in the books they read. However even such «superficial reader can't help feeling that there is something more to this book than a mere story... that its meaning is rooted in something enormously important». A Christian reader will recognize in «Lilith» not only a mythopoetic allegory, but a fanciful yet familiar story of awakening and salvation of an ordinary, «nice», and quite well-intentioned youth. Finding himself in a different world, he learns trust and obedience the hard way, discovers his true self and the purpose of redemptive suffering, learns about repentance and mercy and encounters true death and true life. The story of Lilith herself could be summed up in a phrase of Mother Teresa: «If the soul rejects Him, if the soul rejects His presence, it will have to go on looking and searching for Him until it finds the Lord».

We are happy to offer the full text of the novel for your reading and enjoyment (from Gutenberg Project website).


Donal Grant
Donal Grant

Donal Grant

George MacDonald

Format 130x200,
560 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-031-8

Even by the title of this novel by the Scottish writer George MacDonald our readers will guess that it is the story of Donal Grant, a shepherd, a poet, a teacher and a close friend of wee Sir Gibbie. Saying good bye to the dreams of his first love, Donal goes out into the wide world in search of a job and his life-time calling. He is going to see new places, meet new people (friends and enemies), write new poems, gain deeper insights into God's character and His truth and, of course, find a new love. The book has it all: unhurried conversations, mysteries of an old castle, ancient legends, passionate quarrels  —  as some of our friends call it, «life, death and profound spiritual meaning». We very much hope that Donal will become as good a friend for you as wee Sir Gibbie, that you will see more of the soul and thoughts of George MacDonald and through his work discover the fullness of mercy and tenderness of his God.

We are happy to offer the full text of the novel for your reading and enjoyment (from Gutenberg Project website).


Sir Gibbie
George MacDonald,
Sir Gibbie

Format 130x200,
544 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-025-3

A novel by a wonderful Scottish writer George MacDonald (1824 - 1905) is the first in the series of books by this author, which we are planning to introduce to our readers. It is the life story of a little dumb orphan, Sir Gibbie Galbraith, a sweet and touching tale of friendship, faith, obedience, purity, selflessness, true honor, poetry and love for God and fellow man. The charm of wee Sir Gibbie is simply irresistible.

We are happy to offer the full text of the novel for your reading and enjoyment (from Gutenberg Project website).


Stepping Heavenwards
Elizabeth Prentisse,
Stepping Heavenwards

Format 130x200,
400 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-023-7

A daughter, a friend, a bride, a wife, a home-maker, a mother, a child of God - all this is Katy, the main character of the her own diary (which forms the book «Stepping Heavenward» by an American author Elizabeth Prentisse) - as well as the contemporary reader of her journal. It does not matter that Katy (who lives in the 19th century America) and modern women are divided by time and distance, for they ask the same questions, share the same joys and difficulties. What do I do with my horrible character? How do I know for sure that this man is the one meant for me to marry? This book won't give you any clear-cut instructions or quick recipes for achieving godliness, but it will give you a chance to share all that Katy went through and see what she acquired in her many joys and much suffering.


Not Like the Robbers...
Ursula Mark,
Not Like the Robbers...

Format 130x200,
128 pages,
ISBN 5-88930-027-X

The little robber Tom could not believe his eyes when one morning, quite unexpectedly, he woke up in a royal palace. The night before a kind Stranger set him free from the dark prison, where Tom had been shoved by older robbers, as a usual punishment. Later Tom found that the King Himself had brought hin into his beautiful palace. Tom had a lot to learn, because life in the palace was not at all like his life in the robbers' den (although far more interesting and exciting). He experienced many wonderful adventures walking and working alongside the great and beautiful Son of the King.




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